global.iD Demo Applications

globaliD provides a robust identity stack for partners.

Partner applications can use globaliD to login and sign up users as well as verify their identities without being exposed to underlying personal and identifiable information (PII). In some cases, partners can access some PII information pending approval and user consent. These demo scenarios below provide sample verification options partners may prompt users for.




AppChat requires users to verify a mobile number before messaging others

This sample represents a basic sign-in flow with globaliD.


XYZ Insurance


XYZ Insurance is legally required to meet OFAC regulations.

XYZ uses globaliD to make sure users pass a sanctions screening (OFAC). Additionally, XYZ asks users to share their email address so they can provide account updates. XYZ Insurance will request access to a user's name, date of birth, and email address.




CashMoney needs users to fulfill KYC requirements.

CashMoney uses globaliD to meet KYC requirements as well as to prompt users to share an email address. Through this flow, users will verify a government-issued ID. CashMoney will request access to a user's name, document ID number, date of birth, and email address.

About global.iD

globaliD is revolutionizing identity through a portable, self-sovereign platform for consumers. Our users have explicit control of their identity, can verify themselves without exposing sensitive personal details, and seamlessly interact with verified individuals in the globaliD community.

Our partners can use globaliD to build their identity stack. This means they can signup/login users, authenticate users while minimizing exposure to storing Personal and Identifiable Information (PII), and be certain they are completely compliant to regulations.